Third Year!

10:10 PM

This month, three years ago, I ditched Tumblr and started running this blog as my main journal. Still, up until now I haven't really regularly updating, since every writing only comes after a big explosion of idea in my head. Be it a gratefulness, just a little something to share, series of pictures that I'd taken, even heartbreaks. Through those ideas this blog breathes.

In the past five years of blogging (and tumblring) and seven years of--simply--writing, I realized that there's this one thing that I always pray not to be taken away from me. The ability to express my feelings through words. I don't have any special plan in this special occasion of my blog's anniversary. I didn't even remember that February 17th was two days ago. But if anything, I want to keep writing and writing. Through this blog, on my personal (and literal) journal. I want my writings to be read. The way I write certainly isn't everybody's cup of tea, some people prefer one thing than the other. And to those who read mine, may God showers you with happiness. I love you!

I would still want to write until I cannot. To myself, to my best friends, to everyone. Some friends would know that their birthday present from me, each year, comes with a piece of letter. Like I said, there's something therapeutic in writing. Especially when I do it for myself, on my black journal that I got last year, and I like it when I write pages in a day, and the back of my fingers got covered by ink smudges.

It all started when I was in 6th grade. The class was ought to be quiet and all focused, I couldn't speak to a soul and I started to write. On paper, receipts, on the last page of a book, and I realized I had to keep my writings in a book. So I got myself a journal. I've owned five-six journals since I was 13. Apart from the them, I still keep the writings on paper, there are hundreds of it! And I created this blog to keep my writings on track, content-wise.

These two kept me sane during high school. Merci beaucoup.

No, my hand writing isn't neat. Not even close. I usually write very quickly, thanks to the emotion that I carried as my hand dances with the pen. I owe it all to my journals, to the pens, the pencil (thank you for keeping up with me since 2013 to this day), the eraser, and the names of people that I have written about. Thank you, for being such an inspiration, even if you're now somewhere on the other side of the planet, your part in my life is already written down on my journal and I could always read it and feel the moment again.

I had a plan to change the blog's layout for its anniversary, but I guess I'll leave it just the way it is now. Hopefully soon I'll find the way to do something with it. And this one is just another night thought of mine. I had a terrible February 19th, but the moment I remembered that today's been two days after my blog's anniversary, today doesn't feel so bitter anymore.

Thank you, Blog, for being there. Here's to more stories to write about, to the moments I freeze through words, to the love I spread through hundreds of letters.

You're now three years old, Blog.
Sarita Ayas

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