One Sunny Afternoon

7:23 PM

You can't go a day in Bandung without rain. It's usually gloomy here, and it's been like that for years now. But today was a lucky day. The rain washed the whole town, but my friends and I, we managed to have the sun first! I'm so glad it had been warm all day. And here are the captures of us basking the sun. Nope, no close-up pictures taken, because it would have resulted nothing but us squinting our eyes.

These were taken at the rooftop of our campus. It was unplanned. I had 18 remaining exposures and I urgently needed to develop the whole roll at the same day. So, there we were. At the rooftop, fooling around under the generous light.

I used my mom's Canon Autoboy Luna which I got some weeks ago and had Tudorcolor XLX 200 filling the chamber. At first I was uncertain whether the camera works. It hadn't been used for years, and I used it right away without checking. But it turned out very impressing. Frankly, this, by far, is my favorite roll. The color went so well altogether, and I really like the blue tone.

We need a little more of you, sun. We could use a little warmth and heat to quickly dry up our laundries. But it was nice to see you, anyway.

Spreading good vibes,
Sarita Ayas

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  1. I really love the tone of your pictures!

    1. Hii there! I couldnt stop admiring it as well, tee hee! Thank you for stopping by :)

  2. Keliatan banget dari foto-foto nya dilema gitu, mau foto tapi panas ga foto sayang-sayang. Ngomong-ngomong yang jongkok itu ga banget sih haha


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