First Year In A Glance

12:03 PM

The blog's getting all dusty for it's been long since the last time I wrote. It's the middle of June, and I'm finally home. Jakarta. Despite its humid weather, its mad traffic and its fast pace, I couldn't be happier to be home. J-Town, my love for you is all too real. And now that I'm home, that only means one thing: I'm finally on a loooong break (because otherwise I'd have stayed in Bandung).

The second semester is over! It marks my first year living alone out of town. Thankful is all I am. It's still somehow surprising that I survived my first year, tee hee. The whole first year was nothing but a roller coaster ride. Back in high school I barely understood a thing when it comes to learning natural sciences, I was pretty much somewhere between dead or alive. So I decided to take a social-science major in university, hoping everything would at least be a little more bearable. I was wrong. LOL. Taking international relations major requires me to memorize theories and to keep up with the news. And I don't even read papers..., or subscribing to news channels apps.

I had no idea what did I get myself into! In the first year I could say that I learned the basic of everything. International relation theories, political sciences, economy, sociology, you name it. I went to all of the classes, trained myself to like my lecturers and to somehow understand how they think in their subjects.

Learning natural sciences for three whole year in high school was enough to shape the way my brain works. That 1 + 1 = 2. But that's not how it works in social sciences. It's a little late but I just realized that in social sciences, you learn numbers of theories and in your essay you give your best argument with the theory of your choice. Nothing's particularly true or false, as long as your argument is strong enough to make sense and is supported by examples and/or case studies. And the answer to 1 + 1 may not always be 2, since it depends on which theory is utilized. It's a bit complicated but I know you know..., or hopefully soon you will understand.

Well, I also tried to get myself busy with several things around campus. As a person who can't seem to stop moving from one place to another, joining a club and committees helped me substitute my mobility to do more useful things. I joined Warta Himahi, started as a feature writer, things went by and the next thing I know I was chosen as the vice editor in chief. Shocking, really. Now I'm left with duties and many huge stuffs coming down in the following year, they scare me but I'll have to face them one way or another. Another thing, last February I got accepted into Divisi Dokumentasi Fisip Unpar. In which I'll be collecting visual memories of the freshmen's ospek fakultas this August. One thing that makes us special is that we're also currently making a film. Like... a film film. The whole filming process was absolutely the highlight to my second semester!

I was chosen to become the production manager. The one who takes care of everybody's schedule, shooting timeline, keeping every tummy full and every throat hydrated. It was a looot of work to do! Handling 25 people's schedule all at once was difficult, to match their availability, the shooting location, moreover if there are unexpected things happening and I often had to make my own call. Ask any of my friends how much I juggled here and there only to find the right time to do the shooting. But thank god everything went as it was planned. I also doubled as the casts' make up artist. Nothing too fancy though. I'm very grateful that everybody in WatchDocs are cooperative and helpful and we laugh at the same jokes (this is highly important to keep the good mood alive, trust me).

Yours truly here, me, has survived each row of ospek since day one, TAHI 2016, survived each and every emotional breakdown and especially homesickness, deadly subjects and boring lecturers. My first year was crazy, wasn't it. I'm grateful for the people that I found in Bandung, my fellow kosan-mates since ospek days, some more good friends, lunch buddies, Warta Himahi, and the recent people added to the list of people to share inside (and crappy) jokes with, WatchDocs. Credits to them because I wouldn't make it out alive without their being. Makasih yaaa!

Third semester would be filled with even more deadly and difficult subjects and lecturers to deal with, but alsooo I believe in much more challenges and adventures waiting to be accomplished. Plus, the most important thing is that I don't regret being where I am.


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  1. Enak ya, udah selesai semester duanya. Lah, gue, belum kelar! UAS aja belom! Selesai libur lebaran nanti baru UAS. Huhuhu.. Btw.. gue baru tau kalau lu semester dua dan kuliah di Unpar XD
    Yuup! Untuk teori 1 + 1 ≠ 2 pernah gue pelajari waktu duduk di bangku SMA. Di mata pelajaran sosiologi. Kalau dipikir-pikir lagi, memang betul, sih, 1 + 1 hasilnya selalu 2. Dan teori itu hanya berlaku di ilmu sosial. Kalau diterapin di ilmu pasti, seperti matematika, jelas hasilnya adalah 2. Hahaha

    Btw.. TAHI kepanjangan dari apa, sih? XD

    1. Gue juga berharap semester 3 nanti bisa ktmu dosen yg baik. Yg ngga membosankan cara mengajarnya. Dan pastinya diisi dengan kegiatan-kegiatan yg baik nan positif. Terkadang bosen juga sih jadi mahasiswa kupu-kupu (kuliah-pulang-kuliah-pulang). Pengin join UKM kayak koran kampus gitu, tahun lalu ngga ada. Adanya, ya, TV atau radio. Mau join juga ngga bisa karena pendaftarannya di buka pas semester ganjil. :(

    2. Hi there! Hahahaha Temu Akrab HI, semacam makrab yang dibuat sama maba gitu deh. Asli emang berkegiatan tuh ngebantu banget buat ngurai waktu kan :)

  2. Terpujilah para mahasiswa dan mahasiswi yang tidak bisa menikmati libur panjang karena tugas dan berkegiatan di kampus! Ngerepotin dan capek sih. Tapi menantang dan menyenangkan 'kan kakak senior? Hahahaha

    1. As much as it pains me! Hahaha kayaknya menjadi budak kampus adalah guilty pleasure, deh. Anyway thank you sudah mampir ya :)

  3. Wadaw, Inggrisan euy, kula mbonten ngertos'e. Ngehehehehehe.

    Ya udah deh, sukses aja lah buat kuliahnya mbak! :D

    1. Lha kula nggih mboten lancar nek nulis e ngagem basa jawa :)))
      Makasih banyak yaa!


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