The Director, The Scriptwriter, The Actress

Sarita Laras

Jakarta, 10 April 1998 - Present

"I am so many different people at once, like an actress switching from role to role."

Bandung based, Jakarta born and raised. Sarita Ayas, an 18 year-old girl who develops deep interest towards fashion, journalism and travel. She made this blog as an output to her tangled mind, she never knew writing could be her kind of therapy and that makes this blog her first ever baby. She's making her way to travel the world and keep on doing what she is passionate about. Nothing will ever stop her from what she is striving for. An adrenaline junkie, but she doesn't watch a lot of action and sci-fi movies.

It's never too difficult to win this young lady's heart. She easily finds joy in small things, but never in small talks. At first she may not talk much due to her introversion but you just have to ask her the right question and she shall take you to a quick tour inside her universe. At times she might be wearing mask only her can see, but if you're lucky enough, come say hi and she'll let you in to enjoy her self-brewed coffee in the afternoon.

You'll find her mostly occupied with her journal or writing her thoughts down on any medium she'd find. Or maybe, you'll find her suddenly somewhere far, because she really is a wanderer. No worries, a lot of people have raised their brows because of her habit but that's really what she does so if you can bear with it.

faceless me, illustrated by Nada Firstiana
She's pretty much a life enthusiast. She's ecstatic with all things dynamic, she pours her whole heart out to whatever she is doing, or nothing at all. She could be a little Lady Mood Swing, so you see. But it's never too hard to make her happy. She smiles on every little things that she finds heartwarming, sometimes she'll even giggle about them. You know her day's made when she sends you a warm message telling how happy and thankful she was to spend her day with you.


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